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Chartokai the red mage, I can do it all, Art, sound, design and code too, y'all!

It's not long till I can introduce a new era of my transmedia identity. What to expect:
-More clean up of my old art. (maybe even improve some of them)
-A MASSIVE leap in quality! (look at my old art for too long and risk your eye sight)
-Maybe not to frequent content at first but far more constant then now!
-Since I'm adding an already established fan base don't expect it to stop there.

Coming soon-ish:
-A art tutorial series with a difference.
-Animations more as side content and not the main focus.
-likely some freelance work for those interested but after I have proven myself.

I'm giving you lot fair warning so if you don't like the heat get out the oven. If you are however in favor for me expanding I'm happy you support me. (^-^) You are by no means obligated but if you want to help I'm less then a 100 points from one month premium I need to change my username and make this happen. Have any questions? Feel free to ask!

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TerroPKK Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, also saw your post their, But i can assure you my projects for 1 will not be small nor dead. 2 that we have a large staff working at the moment but we are failing to create the tilesets in time to insure that our mappers can do their parts.
for more info check us out here:…

Please contacts me via or skype: terrocu
zerolegend1 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
hey there! i found this topic…

Im looking for a pixel artist to do a project, its a free RockMan fangame.…;

this is the current Side project that im working on now, and as you can see ive pretty much programmed most of the engine, i have some boss ideas and designs ready, if your interested let me know :D!
Chartokai Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
People are still finding me from things that have happened years ago!

Depending on what you want I may be able to help. I find some parts of your project a little risky to join which is normal in small projects. It's just best to make sure a project will survive before to much effort is put in.

This is what I know so far: There is a very small group of people interested (little is expected for prerelease but it's still quite low). Depending on what you mean by the game engine you could be quite the strong programmer. I hear you have taken over the work the work of a team you have lost contact with. This could be fine as the demo looks to bo mechanically functional but I would like to know if there leaveing could have ownership issues.

P.S. I'm not sure if this is part of Project RCL but in case this is the heteml Wordpress site has a very professional look with some optimization and the splash screen art will likely be seen as off putting.
zerolegend1 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Okay Yeh the small Group of people are from the RCL community. I actually recently decided to pick up the project because they were assumed dead. However They are back, but there are 2 things, 1 is that Megaman as a Franchise isnt their Franchise meaning there is no illegal stuff happening. 2. The Main Reason why i decided to continue with the project after their "Revival" Is because their Story is Horrendous (which is why i enjoyed the megaman games) he uses the Manga Timeline where as i use the Game Timeline.  Secondly i actually want to make my own custom Sprites for this work, At the end of the Project it probably Will not be called Rockman Ciel These sprites are merely Placeholders since i dont have anything else as of right now. I would like to release a Demo Beta for the first Level and free roam for the game to show players what its going to be like to Continue playing, I have Fully Original boss Ideas and concepts Ready to be made into sprites. 

Anything else please let me know :D ... I do gotta say the Project RCL has good art however their Programming skills might be poor since its taking almost 2 years to make a basic engine. If you are interested please let me know if not please let me know thank you :D!
Chartokai Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Providing my statements under this are true I would be able to help with this but I'm not willing to go full out. Nothing personal, just that it's more risky working with programers who have less finished products (or other examples) under there belt. If not being able to direct enough attention to this is a concern feel free to find other artists more invested in this and I will understand.

-You are not useing any of the resources that the previous team had made so there is nothing for them to claim rights to.
-Your development environment/program doesn't place any severe limits to this project. (probably best for you to let me know what you are using so I can research how my sprites need to be presented)
-You have basic crediting of my artist name.
-The game is publicly available to consumers.
-Everything else is covered by basic law that I can think of.

Regardless of if I join you may want to consider making this your own franchise, If you are having everything made like bosses and art not taken from Megaman/Rockman it could be a thought.
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